CoreNet Symposium 2022 - Pushing the Limits

CoreNet Symposium 2022 - Pushing the Limits

We live at a time of extreme change. Our planet, pandemics, and the sheer pace of change all conspire to show us that many of our cherished concepts of ‘the norm’ are long gone.

This year is all about Pushing The Limits – for us all, and for the CoreNet Symposium in particular. We have created a hybrid series of three symposium knowledge events followed by a separate soiree, to be hosted when we can all get together in person.

We have been extremely happy at the strong interest we have received from speakers in New Zealand and overseas in the symposium, and we have signed up some stellar speakers including Andrew Barnes on a number of topics.

We hope that you find opportunities to engage with our Symposium Series in ways that suit your own personal traffic light system, attending in person or online.

May 2022

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