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  • APP EXCLUSIVE - Reopening the World’s Workplaces: The Leader’s Role in Fostering New Behaviors and Social Norms in the COVID Adapted Workplace – by Karen Ellzey and Alex Andel, CBRE
  • APP EXCLUSIVE – Take our quick survey on when you anticipate going back to the office and get instant results!
  • Curious about what other companies are doing?
  • It’s time to rethink the office floor plan
  • Unused rooftop space transformed into a stunning sustainable farm
  • Economy’s Outlook ‘Highly Uncertain Over Next Five Years’: Fitch Ratings
  • The Importance (and Fun!) of Interactive Floor Maps
  • Pfizer CEO: What we learned from our interns this summer
  • Prioritizing Humanity – Examining Racism
  • Asian cities virus-proof public transit with smart shelters, thermal scanners

August 2020

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