Young Leaders Present Achieving a Sustainable Future Through the Use of Data and Digital Building Technology

Young Leaders Present Achieving a Sustainable Future Through the Use of Data and Digital Building Technology

Due to the upcoming Easter, Anzac Day and school holidays, we are postponing this event. It will take place after our Symposium in May. Thank you to our Gold sponsors BECA for assisting with the date change

We'll publish a new date soon!


Delivering a sustainable built environment means balancing the sometimes competing requirements of occupant health and well-being, energy reduction, embodied carbon reduction, environmental protection, and climate resilience. To achieve this, we need to increasingly do more with less.  Key to unlocking this more efficiently sustainable future is the use of data and digital building technology.

This talk will present the drivers behind sustainability performance in buildings, how these are pushing the boundaries of current design solutions and the latest digital building technologies that can help us deliver the future we want.

Scott Smith – Beca Sustainable Buildings

Scott is at the forefront of industry change. He has been involved in the development of sustainable building designs and the frameworks that help deliver these for almost 20 years.  His broad understanding of the social, environmental, cultural and economic drivers for sustainable development has seen him recently lead the development of NZ Construction and Property sector climate scenarios.  These scenarios paint a picture of our built environment’s future, and help us understand the changes we all need to make if we want to inhabit a better world.

Nicolas Brisson – Beca Digital Building Technologies - Manager

Nicolas has been pushing the boundaries of Building Technologies in New Zealand and overseas for the past 20 years, with a passion for data driven decision making and the development of a user centric approach to technologies. His background in Computer Science and his breadth of experience in professional design services has enabled Nicolas to lead change within his industry. He has extensive experience across a wide range of sectors and currently leads the specialist Building Technologies team at Beca.

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