Sustainability and Wellness in Action

Sustainability and Wellness in Action


Exploring how people, buildings and places are meeting the overall carbon, sustainability and wellness challenges we all face, and in what new ways, our speakers will examine how and where we can build carbon positive buildings and processes, and how a triple-bottom-line approach that includes the latest in wellness-focused workplaces is already improving real estate in New Zealand.


Dr Rochelle Ade
42 Fish

Dr Rochelle Ade describes herself as a disillusioned former advocate of green building and rating tools. Having worked with the green building movement for over ten years, both in NZ and internationally, Rochelle was excited about the green building world until she commenced her PhD studies. This research led her to conclude that there was actually little proof that green buildings and green building rating tools were delivering buildings that would help save the world.

She now spends her time sharing the knowledge that she’s gathered over the last 15 years through talks including 365 No Bullshit Ways To Save The World and this year’s Live Better with Less series.

Ben Blakemore

After completing a Masters of Resource and Environmental Planning (MRPhon) from Massey University, Ben joined 2degrees as a graduate environmental planner for its nationwide cell site network deployment. He has led consenting, community engagement and property work for the business as it has grown rapidly since launch.

Since 2017, Ben has driven a strategic and transformational approach to 2degrees office property in line with the company’s maturation, and believes that workspaces are one of the most exciting tools and opportunities businesses have to influence their purpose and performance.

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