CoreNet Symposium 2021 - Resilience: The Next Wave

CoreNet Symposium 2021 - Resilience: The Next Wave

Never has the topic of resilience been of greater relevance. Personal resilience, city resilience, real estate resilience – all are being tested like never before. At a time when people in cities all around the world are grappling with the twin challenges of Covid and climate change, we will be asking:

  • How is human, cultural, workplace and urban wellbeing being affected by in the new abnormal?
  • What does resilience mean in a corporate real estate context - what is the role of the corporate real estate sector in meeting these challenges?
  • What are the changes we need to make to our buildings and cities to thread our way through a Covid present to a more certain future, and to accommodate the effects of climate change - and are we prepared to make them?

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