LiveStream Live stream Covid19 Series Session with Steve Wright - CoreNet UK

Covid19 Series Session with Steve Wright - CoreNet UK

With NZ recently moving to Phase Two of the COVID-19 Omicron plan, we are all beginning to experience the various challenges the pandemic is thowing at us.  Whilst our immediate focus -  particularly in NZ Real Estate -  is how we continue to operate as much as normal over the next few months, we are all very interested in what the longer term picture looks like. As part of a series of conversations with our Corenet Global network we are holding our first event which looks at the response of our UK colleagues.

Please join us for a 8am virtual conversation by Zoom on Friday 4th March with  Steve Wright – Lead Consultant at  Henigan Consulting in London and the current Chair of Communities for the UK chapter of CoreNet Global.  Faciliting this event will be Ashleigh Duke, Director – JLL NZ

Steve will be discussing the UK response over the past 2 years with a 45 minute conversation covering 4 areas of the UK Covid experience.

  • What we thought would happen at the outset of Covid19
  • What we saw happen
  • What we learnt from the experiences
  • What we are doing now to plan for the future
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Steve Wright is Chair of Communities for the UK chapter of CoreNet Global. He led the Covid Hackathon response group in April and May of 2020 to produce an overview and action plan based on predictions of what lay ahead. This culminated in a worldwide sharing webinar with Australia, Singapore and India.

As Lead Consultant with HCG workplace strategists and former head of workplace design, Steve’s perspective covers a wide range of property planning topics as well as the creation of high-performance working environments. He is fascinated by the differences in working cultures and practices across the globe and how these regional variances are delivered according to geography. 

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