Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Executive of the Year Award

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Executive of the Year Award

Author IconGeorge Hulbert 12 September, 2023

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Submission Overview and Guidelines


This award recognizes the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) executive who has made an outstanding and distinguished contribution to his/her company and to the industry. It is aimed at acknowledging the achievements of the nominee within the past year. CoreNet Global seeks to recognise:

  • The nominee’s achievements in contributing to company success
  • The nominee’s contributions for elevating the practice of corporate real estate (CRE)
  • The nominee’s contributions to the CRE industry as educator or leader
  • Current CoreNet Global membership
  • The Award is aimed at acknowledging the achievements of the nominee within the past year. Submissions should only highlight accomplishments achieved by the individual during this timeframe.
  • Nominees are encouraged to:
    • Review the 2022 winning submission in Singapore
    • Provide balanced responses to each section
    • Ensure nominations are supported by clear and concise evidence of the nominees’ achievements and inputs provided from a diverse audience of peers to ensure all achievements are noted, if relevant to the submission. Remember: the nominations will be reviewed by members of the corporate real estate profession and the quality of nomination should reflect this.
  • Submissions need to be emailed to George Hulbert at, bio or CV and Photo needs to be included. Download and complete this form
  • Supporting documents, videos or attachments are not allowed
  • Finalists will need to make themselves available for an interview in early November

Deadline: 31 October 2023

  • The finalists and the winner will be announced at our Awards and Christmas celebration at Kada on Thursday 30 November 2023.
  • Member of CoreNet Global for at least 3 continuous years
  • Actively engaged member (examples of engagement: Chapter leader, attended a Summit; earned MCR or SLCR designation, speaker at a CoreNet Global event, contributed to the content of a Chapter program/event; participated in Chapter special programs, provided content for Leader magazine, participated in a research project, etc.)
  • End User (occupier) for a minimum of 3 years
Submission Form

Download the Submission Form.

This form should be completed and submitted to

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